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DCC Island Church, Lagos davidschristiancentre.org


  1. To create a platform for business professionals and entrepreneurs to connect and network with a view to benefit from services and products provided by members of the church
  2. To create an online presence where members can display products and services using the platform as a foundation for digital marketing strategies they intend on incorporating into their business
  3. To provide members and aspiring entrepreneurs with basic entrepreneurial training and other skills necessary to operate and thrive in the Nigerian business environment
  4. To package events and conferences of significant spiritual, development and financial benefit to members of the network and the church generally
  5. To provide a source of professional and advisory support services needed to operate business at a discounted rate – HR, finance, logistics and supply chain management, inventory management, etc.
  6. To use the business connect initiatives as an outreach program, touching lives and winning souls
  7. To use the network as an opportunity for MSME to be more involved in Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives within their immediate environments
  8. To propagate and communicate the Godly way of doing business
  9. To provide funding opportunities for members, working with established financial solution providers
  10. To work with Job Bureau in providing employment opportunities for unemployed and job seekers.


Monthly Prayer Meeting: Business men and women will meet on the first Tuesday of every month by 6am to pray about their businesses.
Quarterly Business Seminars: A general/common business subject will be taught quarterly to improve business knowledge.
Online platform for business networking and directory.
Annual Business Conference: Starting from 2017, iBC will conduct an annual business conference. This conference will serve as the grand culmination of the each year’s activities.
Mentorship Program: A mentorship program will be launched to help younger and newer members growing in business.